Infusion Center

Northwest Rheumatology has been offering infusion services since 1999.  Our state-of-the-art infusion center located in Portland, Oregon provides a supportive and patient-friendly environment for your treatments.

About Our Infusion Center

Infusion refers to a medication administered via intravenous route. An injection or a ‘shot’ usually refers to a medication administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

Biologics are immunosuppressive medications that treat autoimmune conditions caused by an overactive immune system. These medications have helped improve quality of life for many patients.

Infusion / Injection treatments currently offered at NWRA include Remicade, Avsola, Renflexis, Simponi Aria, Orencia, Actemra, Rituxan, Truxima, Ruxience, Benlysta, Saphnelo, Illumya, Evenity, Prolia, Reclast.

Please check our Services and FAQ sections to learn more about various rheumatic diseases, treatments, and most common infusion related questions.

Duration and Frequency: Infusion may take as little as 30 minutes or as long as four hours depending on the medication, plus time taken to check in, place an intravenous line etc. Please arrive at our infusion center early, to allow sufficient time for our team to treat you with kindness and care, without rushing through the process.

Frequency varies from every few weeks to few months depending on the medication.

Convenience: Patients receive treatments in our office with easy access to the physicians. Our infusion center offers a comfortable atmosphere with reclining chairs and wireless internet access.  Access to beverages as well as restrooms is easy and convenient. To help support a relaxed and quiet environment, we have a no cell phone policy.

Cost: Long-term treatments such as infusions may have a significant financial impact. Our benefit verification department will contact your insurance company to ascertain your benefits and obtain prior authorization. We provide an estimate of what your infusions will cost prior to scheduling, so that you can make the best financial decision for yourself.  Our Patient Resource Team will provide assistance if needed in applying for any foundations, grants or co-pay assistance that may be available with your medication.

Questions: If you have any questions regarding billing or financial assistance, please contact our billing department at (503) 297-7213.

Patients referred by outside physicians for infusion / injection treatments

At NWRA, we offer infusion / injection treatments for patients needing such treatments for their non-rheumatic disease.  We take pride in helping patients avail themselves of the treatments advised by you by providing a hassle-free, supportive environment for accessing care.

After receiving a referral from your office, we will complete the entire process including completing prior authorizations, discussing insurance benefits with your patient, and enrolling them in medication-assistance programs if available. Our dedicated and highly trained infusion staff will ensure your patients feel safe, comfortable and well cared for. An NWRA physician is present on-site at our infusion center during the entire treatment of the patient.

Medications currently offered at NWRA include the following:

Please note that, our infusion staff is unable to answer any medical questions related to referred patients’ treatments. We kindly ask that patients referred by outside providers please address any medical questions and concerns related to these treatments with the referring physician.

Referring providers: We thank you for trusting your patients with us. We will require the following documents from your office prior to scheduling your patient. Please fax these documents to our office at 503-297-0863:

  • Patient demographics
  • Copy of front and back of all insurance cards
  • Drug requested
  • ICD-10 code related to the treatment
  • Complete medication list
  • Last chart note
  • Height and weight of the patient
  • Recent lab work, including most recent TB test, hepatitis B and C results
  • Signed infusion order with dosing and frequency – please click on the link of each medication above to download the order form. Please fill this form in its entirety and fax it to our office.

If you have any questions regarding the process of referring your patient for a medication they may need, please contact our office at (503) 292-3384. We thank you for your kind referral and we look forward to working with you and your patients.